Our Story So Far ....

My Secret Identity started as a far fetched idea a very long time ago from our day's before Cape Breton.

As a matter of fact this idea started the a small town on Lake Huron in Ontario called Port Elgin.  This is where Jeff's Dad started a long love of Comics by purchasing Incredible Hulk Comics hoping to get Jeff to read.  You see Jeff refused to even try to read preferring to watch the Idiot Box (You all probably call it a TV, but not Dad).  One of Jeff's favorite shows was the Live Action Incredible Hulk, so he definitely wanted to know what happened in this story, however no one would read it for him.

Fast forward a few years and it wasn't enough to find stories at the local Ralphs Hi-Way Shoppette.  He couldn't get enough of these Comics and had expanded to collecting from Flea Markets and Shops like the Book Nook and The Comic Book Collector.

Fast forward a few more Decades and here we are in Cape Breton.  After 3 years of living on the Island and being dissatisfied with the Local Comic Store we decided it was now or never.  With a population of approximately 100,000 the CBRM could easily support 2 Local Shops.

My Secret Identity officially opened it's doors October 4th, 2014 but had a soft opening September 15th, 2014 in The Peoples Mall, Glace Bay.  It was a small opening with mostly Back Issue Comics and some Games.  Within a few weeks Current Issue Comics and Collectibles were added.  Every success was built upon and re-invested back on itself.  While there were a few set backs, like a failed attempt at New Video Games and Consoles, our successes far out weighted our failures.

February of 2015 saw the addition of Sports Cards to our store.  We ventured in slowly as traditionally Sports and Comics/Games didn't mix.  It turns out this was one of those preconceptions that really doesn't exist, or doesn't exist anymore.

As we entered 2016 it became evident that we had outgrown our little store in the back of the Mall and we began looking for a new space.  Eventually we decided on our new location and on July 1st, 2016 we moved into our current home in the Keltic River Plaza.  

2017 will continue to bring excitement to My Secret Identity as we continue bringing the products and events you want to Cape Breton.   Whether your Game is Magic or Pokemon, HeroClix or Bolt Action, Hockey Cards or Comic Books, We have you covered.  

By the way, that is definitely not a complete list of what we carry, come on down and see us in Sydney River @ the Keltic Plaza.

Stay Tuned for More Exciting Updates!